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Donate to the Shelter-
We could really use your help with so many animal mouths to feed and the cost of everything going up.

The best way to make a lasting impact for the animals at Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is through monetary donations. Donate today through PayPal!!  Tax Id#-75-3080301; 501(c)(3)

Another way to help out is by donating items on our wish list. Currently, our most needed items include:

- rice, carrots, potatoes

- cat food (dry and canned)

- clumping kitty litter

- paper towels

- Clorox wipes

- rubbing alcohol

- towels and blankets

- metal dog crates

- collars and leashes

- medical equipment

- hay

- straw

- tractor (We desperately need one!)

- riding lawn mower

- shovels/pitch forks/wheelbarrows

- brooms / standing dustpans

If you have any items to donate, please contact   Rudy at

(Tax Id#-75-3080301) or 301-349-0808

17910 Elmer School Rd. Dickerson, MD 20842

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Shop on Amazon? 
You can raise $ for us just by shopping on Amazon through when shopping on-line. 
Just choose Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary,Inc. in Dickerson, MD. 
They will donate a % of your sale to us.  (It doesn't seem to work if you try to sign up on a cell phone though.)
Thank you!
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