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Your donation goes directly to the care of our 100+ rescued animals here at Barking Holler. Every amount helps!

Donate funds:

The best way to make a lasting impact for the animals at Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is through monetary donations. 


Tax Id#-75-3080301; 501(c)(3)


Twenty five year old Cloud was diagnosed with eye cancer six years ago. Initially it was just a tiny speck, now it is growing and causing discomfort and the danger of the cancer spreading. The eye needs to be removed. This emergency surgery is estimated to be between $700 and $1500. Your donations will help us to get this sweet boy the surgery he so desperately needs.

Horse in need of donations.png

These are supplies we are in need of year round: 

- rice, carrots, potatoes

- cat food (dry and canned)

- clumping kitty litter

- paper towels

- Clorox wipes

- rubbing alcohol

- towels and blankets

- metal dog crates

- collars and leashes

- medical equipment

- hay

- straw

- tractor (We desperately need one!)

- riding lawn mower

- shovels/pitch forks/wheelbarrows

- brooms / standing dustpans

If you have any items to donate, please contact Rudy at or 301-349-0808

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