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Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary was established in 2003 and has been home to over 100 rescued animals ever since. The farm is 30 acres of pastures and space for the animals to explore and play. Currently there are 48 pigs, 16 goats, 3 mini horses, 1 mule, 3 horses, 2 cows, 17 dogs, 38 cats, and other livestock making Barking Holler their forever home. Most animals who end up at Barking Holler are from abuse and neglect cases. Operations at the sanctuary are run entirely by Rudy Edalati and volunteer help.

We offer tours and volunteer opportunities on a case-by-case basis. Fill out our contact form to learn more.



Valiant Thor

This mini pony came from the meat pen where the sick, injured and senior pets get sent when they are no longer useful to their owners. Valiant Thor had been used to pull a cart. He had scars all down his back from the harness and from being hit with a whip. His skin had been rubbed completely raw. It took about a year for him to heal and for his hair to grow in. During his 2 years living at Barking Holler, he has gained confidence and weight. He’s such a happy guy now and kicks up his heels as he walks around.  He loves to hang out with the goats.  

solganda white mule.jpg



Solganda is a white mule. He is considered a Henny.  That means his mom was a horse and his dad was a donkey which is very rare.  He arrived at Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary with a scarred soul.  He was all skin and bones, had cracked hooves and it was obvious that he was a very old man.  He had been used, abused and sold many times. His last stop was supposed to be the meat farm.  That’s when we stepped in and brought him to live here.  Now Solganda is the protector of Barking Holler and alerts everyone when he hears anything or anyone getting close to our sanctuary. 


Beetlejuice is the most loving of all the pigs. He was raised as a pet and then given up by the family when they realized that having a pig as a pet is a lot different than having a dog as a pet.  He is very smart and loving and will even roll over for tummy rubs or do the "good boy sit" to earn a treat.  This is a trick he learned from watching the dogs.  

Mr. Tumnes

Mr. Tumnes’s mom was brought to our sanctuary by animal control as one of their cruelty cases.  He was born prematurely, which means he came out of his mom’s tummy too early. He only weighed 1 pound when he was born.  He is now the king of the goats. 



Barking Holler got a call from animal control about a pig living in a woman’s house that ran a daycare. He was kept in a child’s playpen his whole life. His back legs were so atrophied that he couldn’t walk because he had never been outside of the playpen.  He had grown into an adult without ever having met another pig or being socialized. He had become very aggressive because he wasn’t living in an appropriate environment for a pig.  He needed room to run around, root for food and exercise his muscles.  It took a long time for him to learn to get along with the other pigs. He had to be on a medicine called Rimadyl for a year in order to build enough muscle for him to be able to run around.  Now he tries to rule the pig pen. 


We now have over 40 pigs running around the sanctuary.  All are doing great.  The old residents and new residents have learned how to respect each other and share the space peacefully.  It costs a lot of money to feed the animals each month.


If you would like to do a one time donation or a monthly donation- we would be so grateful. No amount is too small.  The cold months can be really hard on the animals since there isn't a lot of vegetation to graze on.   We are thankful for all our loyals donators.  Thanks for spreading joy this holiday season here at the sanctuary.


Rudy Edalati is a published author and pet chef that lives at and runs Barking Holler.  She makes individually tailored gourmet pet food through her company- Barker's Grub.  Rudy's passion goes beyond food:  It extends to rescue and rehabilitation of many different animals.  She started doing rescue and rehabilitation work in 1993.  Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary came into existence in 2003.  For more information what food meets your pet's diet needs,  or to place an order call 301-349-0808.  

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Check out Rudy's food videos.

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