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We NEED animal lovers with special skills to help Barking Holler continue to rescue and heal these animals. Volunteers can help in a variety of ways including caring for the animals or assisting around the farm. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out an application with special skills and you will be contacted to see if you are a good fit for our needs. 












We are in desperate need of a tractor for the farm. If you have access to one that can be donated to us, we would GREATLY appreciate it! 

Must do's

All volunteers must:

1. Complete the application request on the volunteer page.

2. Fill out and bring the completed volunteer  waiver with you. 

3. Make sure you have received confirmation from the Rudy Edalati before coming.

4. Behave in a manner that is safe and follow all rules of Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary.

**Please note: Barking Holler reserves the right to ask any volunteer/visitor to leave if they believe that a person is not acting in the best interest of the Sanctuary, the animals or other humans.

What do volunteers do on the farm?

When volunteers come to the farm, we help feed the animals,


muck the stalls and bring the poop to the compost shed,


carry and distribute hay bales,


put fresh straw in the stalls, 


clean and refill all the water bins,


and other various jobs as needed.

Don't forget to wear rubber boots and clothes that can get


messy! :)

Don't want to get messy?

Have a special talent or skill you want to donate? 
Here are a few ideas for ways you can help:
1. videography/photography 2. computer technology/ websites  3. fundraising events (such as a bake sale or silent auction) 4. grant writing  5. vet care 6. organize a donation drive or facebook fundraiser 7. sign up for and choose Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary as your recipient 8. sponsor an animal with a monthly donation

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