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january Newsletter

Greetings from all of us at Barking Holler Sanctuary:

As Winter falls on Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary, the animals are all trying to huddle up for warmth and are trying to fatten up to get themselves through until Spring.  When the ground and drinking water gets frozen, the animals have a harder time acccessing the food and water. That's why we have been so grateful for all the donations - both monetary and food- to help us get though the cold months.  We have 2 heaters to help keep the water from freezing but it is a constant challenge to keep the others clear.  The animals look forward to Sundays when all the special treats come with the volunteers.

Volunteers of the Month: 

Lana and her mother Lee-Ann have been coming out to Barking Holler every week to help take care of the animals. They came up with the brilliant idea of getting old produce from the farmer's markets as food donations for us.  This has been a big hit with all the animals! Thank you!

lana volunteering.jpeg

Featured Animal: Pepperoni 


This little guy was found in a cardboard box on the side of the road.He was malnourished and in bad shape.  He was taken to Montgomery County Animal Control and was treated for his skin infection and other ailments.  He will be coming to Barking Holler to have a safe place to live and a chance to be around other pigs.  After he heals from getting neutered, he will join us here. There are so many pot-bellied pigs that find themselves in these predicaments where people try to get them as pets and then quickly realize that they are not domesticated and have VERY different needs than cats and dogs......

Important Reminder: 

Visits are by appointment only.  Be sure to reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator to set up your tour or schedule a time for you to volunteer at Barking Holler. 

Waivers mandatory for all visitors.

(submit request on volunteer page)

Improvements at the Farm:

Thanks to your many generous donations over the past year, we have been able to make the following improvements at the sanctuary:  

  1. A new barn to help house the new pigs

  2. wood to help secure the fences to keep the pigs from sneaking out.

  3. Bales of hay to feed the cows, goats, horses and mini ponies,  as well as food for the pigs

  4. Spaying and neutering of the pigs

  5. We added a lot of new fencing to allow the livestock to be able to graze and forage.

Pet Glamour Shot

sushi in the bed.jpg

Sushi likes to sneak in the house and get into the dogs' beds to relax.  She's a little princess. 

Massaging petroleum jelly or other paw protectants into paw pads before going outside can help protect from salt and chemical agents.

Pet Tip of the Month

Upcoming Events: (stay tuned for dates)

  • Interview with animal control representative, Maria Ansalmo, about the issues with pot-bellied pigs in shelters across the U.S. 

  • Nutrition and Cooking for Pets Classes with Rudy in the Spring.

  • Blessing of the Animals Ceremony in the Spring

Needed Donations: 





boards for fencing


white distilled vinegar, baking soda

clumping kitty litter

cat food dry/wet

paper towels

grain /fresh produce for pigs

expired pet meds

donations help Barking Holler purchase these items. 

all-weather hoses

pre-fabricated shed for storing equipment 

dog beds (but please no dog toys)

Rudy's Recipe for Dog Treats 

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